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Julie Loar is an award-winning author, astrologer and spiritual mentor. She is available for dream work, consulting, teaching, and workshops on Zoom. Julie is  the multiple award-winning author of A Sky Lore Anthology, Goddesses For Every Day, Messengers, The Hidden Power of Everyday Things, and Tarot and Dream Interpretation.  She is the thought leader and co-contributor to Quintangled:  A Game of Strategy, Chance, & Destiny. Her newest book, Symbol and Synchronicity:  Learning the Soul’s Language in Dreams and Waking Life is now available in e-book and will be available in print later this fall. Her work has been translated into several languages.  Her wildly popular astrology column appeared in Atlantis Rising magazine for two decades, and she is featured and published at Julie leads sacred journeys to Egypt. Her next trip is planned for March 2022. 

Julie has pursued her life-long interest in angels, dreams, space travel, and other dimensions through an intensive twenty-five-year study of metaphysics, including shamanism. She has been a spiritual practitioner and teacher since 1972, focusing on symbols, mythology, astrology, astronomy, tarot, qabalah, and dreams.

Join her for a full moon meditation, schedule a reading or request an astrological chart, sign up for mentoring, subscribe to her newsletter, or attend one of her soon-to-be scheduled classes! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to include her work and mentoring as a part of your personal journey of awakening. 

What if you knew you had your own personal trusted guide, standing ready to shed light on your path and bring messages of encouragement? Your guide would show you how to live a better life and reveal your greatest stumbling blocks, holding up a mirror to reflect the consequences of your choices. Wouldn’t you listen? Dreams and synchronicities can act in just this way as powerful guides if we learn to understand the language of these symbolic messengers, which I believe are the wise voice of our Soul.

My essential premise is that our waking consciousness can learn to form a powerful dialog with our Soul, our wise and eternal guide, through the agency of sub-consciousness. Once the link is formed, and the symbolic language learned, the feedback mechanism is profound. Once our Psyche is open and operating this profoundly informs our growth and sheds light on our spiritual path. In this way, our progress and growth are accelerated. 

As a result of a powerful dream, the book includes the Seven Steps in Dreamwork© process for deeper work with your dreams.


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