Winged Messengers, Ted Denmark PHD

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Reflecting back over the latter half of my life, dating roughly from the time of the “White Eagle Initiation,” recounted in Part 2 of the book, as the most obvious conscious beginning of this Contactee Memoir, I realize I have only very recently been able to fully accept the manifold of my experiences with off-planet extraterrestrials from a time in our Earth-based future. I also understand more about the earlier half too, even from the beginning of my 72 years on Earth—and what a long, strange … and unusually interesting trip it has turned out to be! I refer to this as my ‘Identity Convergence,’ the main impetus for offering this book-length story of what will probably be unbelievable accounts for many if not most people to take seriously. I would have been unsure of what to make of such claims myself only a couple of decades ago.
I started writing about the White Eagle incidents more than a decade ago to report on my unusual experiences having obvious UFO/ET links, which I felt needed to be documented. They had impacted me deeply, and as I slowly overcame my doubts, I didn’t want to forget some of the details of these bizarre events—the powerful imprints of the core experiences themselves were likely never to be forgotten! But then it began to occur to me that this sequence of incidents—that as far as I knew were unique—really were significant, not just for the sake of making a report but for projecting and honing my own remaining trajectory in life. As always, I was afraid I would never find out why these unusual events had happened to me—what it could mean and what it was really about. And I never forgot the similarly persistent insight I had when I was twelve years old that I should or would become a writer—but it would take a while because I had so much to learn before I would finally be ready. My whole “career” in life has led up to this …