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Mission ~  It is the mission of Queen of Cups, LLC to bring the light of ancient and timeless wisdom into the arena of the modern world through transforming teaching, writing, consulting, and sacred travel.

I chose the Queen of Cups to represent my work as I believe she represents the Holy Grail. Her emblem is the chalice, or eternal cauldron, which receives and contains the gifts of spirit and anchors those blessings in the physical world. She is a custodian of the ever-flowing underground stream, which flows from the past into the present, vitalizing and renewing our minds and hearts. In her highest manifestation, the Queen of Cups holds the power of love and light and offers these energies as a benediction to humanity. 

Julie Loar is the multiple national award-winning author of Goddesses For Every Day, Messengers, The Hidden Power of Everyday Things and Tarot and Dream Interpretation.  Recently her blog also won a national award. Her work has been translated into several languages.  Her popular Astrology column appears in Atlantis Rising magazine and the global e-zine Satiama.com. Each year she leads a sacred journey to Egypt.  As a result of a near-death experience in 1966, Julie pursued her life-long interest in angels, dreams, space travel and other dimensions through an intensive twenty-five year study of metaphysics. Julie has been a spiritual practitioner and teacher since 1972, focusing on symbols, mythology, Astrology, Astronomy, Tarot, Qabalah and dreams. The Queen of Cups has been a profound symbol and inspiration for many years. She represents the vessel that holds the energies of wisdom and compassion. 

Please also visit JulieLoar.com   http://www.julieloar.com

Born in Columbus, Ohio Julie Loar currently lives in the ski and spa resort town of Pagosa Springs, in Southwest Colorado. She previously resided in Dallas, Texas while employed by JCPenney Financial Services as a regional Vice President of Human Resources and later by Lennox Industries as Director of International Training.  She worked as a training consultant with several other large companies. She has a BS in Psychology, has done postgraduate work, and has been certified in numerous professional training and development programs.

After a near death experience in Mexico in 1966, she began to pursue what has become her lifelong interest in dreams, symbols, angels, space travel and ancient Egypt through an intensive thirty-year study of metaphysics.  Focusing on symbols, mythology, Astrology, Tarot, Qabalah, and dreams, Julie has been a spiritual practitioner and teacher since 1972. Julie has spoken internationally on women’s issues, leadership, motivation, mythology and symbolism.

Julie Loar’s publications (most recent first):

Astrology feature article, regular bi-monthly Julie Loar bylineAtlantis Rising MagazineLivingston, MT, continuous from 2000.

The Star Table Trance Missions, V. 1 The Five Star Series, (Julie Loar with Ted Denmark, Ph.D.), BookBaby, Portland, OR, 2015.

Goddesses for Every Day, Exploring the Wisdom and Power of the Divine Feminine around the World, New World Library, Novato, CA, 2011.

Dream Oracle monthly feature articleOracle 20-20 Magazine, (written as Julie Gillentine), Atlanta, GA 2005-2006

Tarot & Dream Interpretation (written as Julie Gillentine), Llewellyn, St. Paul, MN 2003.

Astrology & Tarot, Linking the Archetypes, (written as Julie Gillentine), Queen of Cups Press (Capella Press), 3-ring binder, Pagosa Springs, CO, 2002.

Occult Symbology & the Metaphysics of Number, (written as Julie Gillentine), Queen of cups Press (Capella Press), 3-ring binder, Pagosa Springs, CO, 2002.

The Hidden Power of Everyday Things, (written as Julie Gillentine with Jonathan Sharp & Constance Stellas), Simon & Schuster-Pocket Books, 2000.

Messengers, (written as Julie Gillentine), Archive Press, Boulder, CO, 1997.

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