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Julie Loar is the multiple national award-winning author of A Sky Lore Anthology, Goddesses For Every Day, Messengers, The Hidden Power of Everyday Things and award-wining Tarot and Dream Interpretation.  Her work has been translated into several languages.  Her popular Astrology column appeared in Atlantis Rising magazine for two decades, and she is featured on SatiamaPublishing.com. Julie leads sacred journeys to Egypt. The next trip is planned for March 2022. 

Julie has pursued her life-long interest in angels, dreams, space travel and other dimensions through an intensive twenty-five year study of metaphysics, including shamanism. Julie has been a spiritual practitioner and teacher since 1972, focusing on symbols, mythology, Astrology, Astronomy, Tarot, Qabalah and dreams.

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Symbol & Synchronicity: Learning the Soul's Language

What if you knew you had your own personal trusted guide, standing ready to shed light on your path and bring messages of encouragement? Your guide would show you how to live a better life and reveal your greatest stumbling blocks, holding up a mirror to reflect the consequences of your choices. Wouldn’t you listen? Dreams and synchronicities can act in just this way as powerful guides if we learn to understand the language of these symbolic messengers, which I believe are the wise voice of our Soul.

My essential premise is that our waking consciousness can learn to form a powerful dialog with our Soul, our wise and eternal guide, through the agency of sub-consciousness. Once the link is formed, and the symbolic language learned, the feedback mechanism is profound. Once our Psyche is open and operating this profoundly informs our growth and sheds light on our spiritual path. In this way, our progress and growth are accelerated.

As a result of a powerful dream, the book includes the Seven Steps in Dreamwork© process for deeper work with your dreams. Stay tuned for a Kickstarter program in May. Thanks in advance.

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Astrology consultations, including birth charts and forecast sessions and more, that are informed by four decades of work with thousands of clients. Julie’s approach is both spiritual and psychological and is based on universal archetypes and symbolism.


Tarot Oracle readings look at current influences and conditions that affect decisions on a more short term basis. Other spreads are available.


Full Moon programs are conducted each month via Zoom on the eve of the Full Moon; these free programs examine current overarching astrological influences for the month and include a meditation. Subscribe  to my newsletter below.


As a former human resources training director, Julie is a skilled teacher and presenter. She is available for presentations and to conduct programs on a variety of subjects.


Julie has led thirteen journeys to Egypt, which has been a lifelong interest and area of study. You will travel in style with Egypt’s foremost guides from Abu Simbel to Alexandria and everything in between on a life-changing journey. Her next trip is planned for March of 2022.


As a multiple award-winning author of eight books, co-author of another five, and dozens of articles, Julie Loar is available to do editing work with serious writers.


Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

Beginning in 1994, Queen of Cups has been a vessel for Julie Loar’s teaching and writing. She chose this symbol for her company name because of its spiritual symbolism.


Enjoy family time, or get together with good friends, to play this multiple award-winning board game. Play just for fun on a deeper level to enhance  potential insights from Quintangled:  A game of Strategy, Chance & Destiny.

In Quintangled the archetype characters are called away from their ordinary life to embark upon a journey along a five-sided path where they must encounter forces that could keep them from their destiny. Each game character must accomplish particular tasks and gather wisdom along the way as they travel their path to return home. Embark upon a heroic quest and find your destiny. Quintangled is a great game for families. 

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“Julie Loar is a conscientious speaker who offers a richness of wisdom combined with a deep knowledge of her material. She imparts a contagious passion for her topic and facilitates expansive conversations for participants. She is a memorable speaker who truly over delivers. I found her presentation satisfying on many levels – emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. I would highly recommend her as a speaker and/or workshop facilitator.”

Tina Ferguson,  CEO,   Rapid Success Partners & Tina Ferguson International

“Julie Loar has presented her work on the great goddess to my world literature courses at Brookhaven College.  Her knowledge, experience and scholarly research provide a much needed insight into the treatment of women both historically and present day.”

Patricia M. Dodd, PhD,Brookhaven College, Dallas, TX