Queen of cups

Vessel of Service – Guardian of Mysteries

The Queen of Cups is the water queen in Tarot that became the Queen of Hearts in playing cards. She is like the symbol of the Grail, a container of wisdom and the goal of the Quest. I chose this symbol for my company nearly three decades ago as it is my visioning goal to be such a vessel in the world. Her emblem is the chalice, or eternal cauldron, which receives and contains the gifts of spirit, anchoring those blessings in the physical world. She is a custodian of the every-flowing underground stream, which flows from the past into the present, vitalizing and renewing our minds and hearts. In her highest manifestation, the Queen of Cups holds the power of love and light and offers these energies as a benediction to humanity.

Teaching and Mentoring

Astrology & Tarot: Linking the Archetypes –$55

Full length course that explores both astrological and
Tarot archetypes and how they relate and interconnect

Astrology is the study of cycles, using an archetypal language to define twelve signs and ten planets. The twenty-two images of the Major Arcana of Tarot correspond to the planets and signs.  The two systems can be combined, overlaying on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, to deepen and enhance understanding. This course examines the Astrological correspondences of Tarot, fusing the archetypal energies, and demonstrating techniques for using Astrology and Tarot in meditation, spiritual transmutation and work with clients. Working with the combined energies often uncovers karmic issues. Tarot techniques will be discussed which can be used in meditation to tone down influences or to augment areas of weakness. 

Using the Astrological correspondences of Tarot, the objective of the Astrology and Tarot course is to deepen the interpretation of the natal chart through a combined use of Tarot archetypes and natal Astrology symbolism.   This course presumes a basic familiarity with Astrology, understanding of the horoscope wheel, the meanings of signs and planets, and a fundamental working knowledge of your own chart.

Occult Symbology & the Metaphysics of Number – $55

Full length course that covers symbology and the deeper symbolism and meaning of numbers

Measure is the means by which matter manifests as form, and number is the agency by which multiplicity emerges from Unity.  This course examines principles of symbology and numbers as archetypal influences and vibratory frequencies which act directly on subconsciousness.  Language describes things which affect the senses.   A symbol depicts something which is difficult or paradoxical to explain in words.  

Symbols are universal in nature, communicating without language, depicting truths or realities which affect the intuition, and bypassing the senses.  For example, the idea of the threefold aspect of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, described as three persons in one God, can be symbolized pictorially by a triangle.  Symbols act on the subconscious aspect, invoking intuition where reason fails, and functioning in the realm of sacred science.

Numbers have both an abstract and symbolic nature and a concrete essence which operates on the physical plane.  Qualitative and quantitative aspects of Number, including nature, value, relationships and harmonics and the essence of number are explored.   In Part II this course includes an explanation of the principles of sacred geometry, an overview of Gematria and significance of number in the Bible and Qabalah.the science of number, archetypical meanings and significance of the numbers  from one through ten; instructions for computing and interpreting Birth Number, Name Number(s), Age Cycle Number and several others, and the study of cycles through numeric reduction. 

Astrology instruction

I offer teaching and mentoring in astrology from the basics through interpretation. Most teaching is now on Zoom. Contact me for more information.

Tarot instruction

I also offer teaching and mentoring in Tarot, including deep knowledge of the archetypes as well as coaching in learning how to read the cards. Contact me for more information.

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