Workshops, Presentations, and Retreats

* Evening talks or lectures that can include Power Point presentations

* Half-day, full-day, or longer interactive and empowering workshops

* Weekend retreats that offer deeply transforming experiences

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Know Thyself:  The Inner Oracle of Delphi

This program can be structured as a highly interactive half-day, or an evening and next day experience. The longer program includes intensive dream work. The concept is based on the ancient Oracle of Delphi and arose as a vision when I visited Greece. Participants are invited to access deep levels of guidance and inner knowing and the atmosphere is created in which to accomplish this. The program is organized like the “hero’s journey” when pilgrims chose to leave their ordinary lives for a time to take this arduous, and sometimes dangerous, sojourn to ask the Oracle a life-altering question. The answer could change their lives forever.

Journey to Delphi;  Preparation of the supplicant;  Visit to the Oracle;  Return home

Goddesses For Every Day

Explores the wisdom and power of the divine feminine around the world and examines thousands of years of hidden history, reclaiming “her-story,” lost for millennia. Reveals diverse facets and forms of feminine power and how to recognize, honor, or express this energy with grace, whether you are male or female. Explains universal symbols of the sacred feminine, stories and examples of feminine myths and magic from diverse cultures. Experience a wisdom circle, sharing deeply of your experiences and growth. Discover the goddess of your birthday, and invoke her wisdom and power as we cast a circle of potent goddess energy, stepping into that power to make a difference in our lives. Enter the circle and share your wisdom with your sisters and brothers. Men are most welcome. This can be delivered as a half-day, full-day or longer program.

Hidden History of Humanity: Healing humanity’s amnesia. 

This presentation or workshop covers thousands of years of repressed or forgotten knowledge. The discussion includes examples of millennia old stories of feminine heroines, and the myths, magic and wisdom of many goddesses. This knowledge helps reconnect us to the very ancient story of humanity and helps to bring the masculine and feminine back into balance.

Facing the Future: Living courageously in a world of terror. We seem to live at a time when the increasing threat of violence is being woven into the fabric of our lives. How do we learn to remain in a state of love, and not give into fear, embodying the idea of grace under fire?

Egypt: Land of magic and mystery. Based on a dozen trips, and a lifetime of study, this presentation is accompanied by amazing images of Egypt and a discussion of why millions of people are drawn to this ancient land each year. Julie leads an annual Return To The Nile tour.

Dreams– The Symbols of the Soul: This program is the result of four decades of dream work and is an intensive introduction to dream symbols and types of dreams. Discusses how to work more consciously and effectively with this coded language and the messages that arise from subconsciousness as guidance.

Astrology & The Sacred Feminine: The Goddess Signs. Discover the twelve Goddess Signs and the goddess of your birthday. Learn to understand and work with these powerful archetypes, integrating their character into your everyday life. Feminine power is not an oxymoron, and feminine energy and power is different than male energy and power. I believe that understanding this difference holds the key to healing our relationships, including the one we have with ourselves.

Astrology: As Above, So Below: Introduction to the history of Astrology as well as the archetypal language that frames this ancient discipline. Explains the stereotypes of the Sun Signs and their true nature and significance and how to understand the nature of the zodiac.

The Oracle of Tarot: Covers the fundamentals of Tarot, the archetypes and architecture of Tarot, and how this book of wisdom that is organized as of a deck of cards operates. This highly interactive experience includes the opportunity to apply what’s been learned. Participants leave with a basic understanding of how to use aTarot as an oracle.