Queen of Cups, LLC

“Twenty-five years in the corporate world convinced me that ancient ways of knowing can enhance and empower the lives of modern people through understanding the language of cycles and universal archetypes.”

After a near-death experience in Mexico Julie Loar pursued her lifelong interest in angels, dreams, mythology, space travel and other dimensions through an intensive study of metaphysics, while climbing the corporate ladder in two major companies.  Focusing on symbols, mythology, Astrology, Tarot, Qabalah, and dreams, Julie has been a spiritual teacher and counselor since 1972.  She has led eleven sacred journeys to Egypt. Julie is the author of Messengers, co-author of The Hidden Power Of Everyday Things, and the award-winning, Tarot & Dream Interpretation. Her latest book, Goddesses For Every Day:  Exploring The Wisdom & Power Of The Divine Feminine Around The World, has won three national awards. Her books have been translated into several languages. Julie is a frequent speaker, radio guest and workshop leader. Her popular astrology column appears in ATLANTIS RISING magazine and she contributes regularly to She’s also been featured on John Edward’s

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Astrological Birth Map            $200

Based on date, time, and place of birth, this in-depth analysis reveals your life path, including strengths, pitfalls, and points of destiny and karmic relationships through a decoding of universal archetypes at work in individual life patterns.

Annual Update                          $150

Inner and outer planetary movements are tracked with the planets of the Birth Map and used as signposts for the soul’s journey.  Key energies and events for the year are discussed.  (Birth Map a prerequisite).

Goddess Astrology                    $200

Building on interpretation of Earth, Moon, Venus, Saturn and Neptune, as well as asteroids and dwarf planets, this unique reading examines the feminine archetypes in the birth chart and explores ways to consciously and holistically integrate the energies.

Galactic Astrology                      $222

Using the whole sky as a reference, a deeper sense of significance and destiny can be achieved by isolating connections to natal points with deep space objects as fixed stars, black holes, fixed stars, quasars and pulsars. Your personal myth is revealed.

Synastry/Relationship                 $222

Relationship, chart comparison and compatibility analysis. This reading compares individual charts as well as composite maps and relationship charts.

“Baby Chart”                                $85

Intended for parents as an overview of the soul’s mission and lessons and how parents can better understand the child’s unique characteristics and how to provide the best environment for learning.

Astro Locality Analysis                $100

Analysis of locations and what points in Natal Chart will be triggered, activated, enhanced or challenged.

Tarot Oracle                                    $55

Celtic Cross interpretation.   Energetic snap shot of particular point in time which focuses on questions, emotional blocks, or specific issues.  Can be used alone or in conjunction with astrological interpretations.

Tarot Life Reading                      $150

Using astrological correspondences, Tarot Keys are placed on wheel of the Astrological Birth Map.   This technique often uncovers past life and karmic issues. (Birth Map a prerequisite).

Tarot Tree of Life                         $140

Using the Qabalistic Tree of Life as the template this in-depth spread reveals patterns of soul expression that need to be healed as well as blocks and imbalances in the spiritual centers.  Meditation is used as an aid to focus the will.

Retreats and Weekend Experiences

Dream Oracle retreats and Sacred Feminine workshops and retreats can be arranged for a group. These transforming experiences create safe and sacred space and allow time for deep processing.

Ceremonies & Sacred Journeys

Weddings                                          $160

Using your own vows, or a ceremony designed just for you, your wedding day, or renewal of vows, is created to make this occasion a lifelong memory.

House Blessing                                $150

Intended to welcome spirits who will bless you and your house and banish any influences that are not conducive to a happy home.  Customized for you.