Egypt Tour February 2025

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Explore the spiritual and sacred mysteries of ancient Egypt with experienced guide and spiritual teacher Julie Loar.

        Return to theNile – February 1-15, 2025

Feb 01:   Overnight New York, I suggest the Hampton Inn Jamaica, NY.

Feb. 02: Fly from JFK to Cairo at 12:45 PM on Egypt Air MS 986 

Feb. 03: Arrive Cairo 4:30 AM. Meet Guardian Travel upon arrival at Cairo airport. Transfer to hotel for breakfast. Home hosted dinner at Fayed home, depart from hotel at 5 pm.

Feb. 04: 9 am Giza Pyramids Plateau, Sphinx, and Valley temple.

Feb. 05: Visit Saqqara, including the Serapeum and Dahsur red pyramid and bent pyramid.

Feb. 06: Late start to visit the Egyptian Museum. Private evening visit to the Great Pyramid.

Feb. 07: Check out of hotel and fly to Luxor. Overnight in Luxor at Sonesta St. George.

Feb. 08: Visit Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut’s temple, and Memnon Colossi.

Feb. 09: Drive to Abydos, visit Abydos temple of Set I and Osirion, and drive to Dendara. Visit Dendara temple to Hathor and drive back to Luxor.

Feb. 10: Check out of hotel and visit Karnack temple. Check in Nile Cruise (Mayfair or Mayflower ship) and enjoy lunch. Visit Luxor temple in the evening.

Feb. 11: Sail to Edfu. Free day on cruise, optional program with Julie, past life journey.

Feb. 12: Optional Edfu visit. Sail to Kom Ombo and visit Kom Ombo temple. Sail to Aswan.

Feb. 13: Visit Philae temple of Isis and unfinished obelisk. Enjoy an afternoon Felucca sail.

Feb. 14: Checkout of Cruise, fly to Abu Simbel, visit Abu Simbel temples and fly to Cairo.

Feb. 15: Transfer to airport 7 AM Egypt Air MS 985. Fly home or overnight at Hampton Inn..

Itinerary and costs can change due to unforeseen circumstances or to surprise and delight you.

COSTS:  Please contact me for more pricing details. 

$7,700   Regular tour — All inclusive, including airfare from New York and flights within Egypt. Transportation, lodging, luxury Nile cruise, meals, site admissions, transfers, buses, most gratuities, and one of Egypt’s top guides are also included.  

$250 per person for hotel room with view of pyramids at Giza

$2,100 Single Supplement

$175  Medical Insurance

Tour Leaders

Julie Loar is the multiple award-winning author of eight books, dozens of articles, and a gold medal winning Blog. Through her company Queen of Cups, she’s led eighteen trips to Egypt. The ancient land is her passion and her interest began at the age of three. Her highly acclaimed book Messengers, is a fictional account of her ancient memories.

Guardian Travel is one of the leading tour companies in Egypt. Your Egyptian guide will be among the highest rated and most sought after in the country. Their web site says,

“At the base of the mighty plateau of Giza sits the great Sphinx, guardian of the mysteries of the pyramids. What this guardian knows, the ancient gods have forbidden it to tell. The Fayed family at Guardian Travel knows many of Egypt’s secrets and have guarded the Sphinx for over 200 years. We actually live at the ‘Foot of the Sphinx.’ Guardian Travel guide visitors on journeys that bridge modern Egypt to the time of the pharaohs.”

What travelers are saying . . .

“Julie Loar’s Egypt tour exceeded all my expectations. From hotels and boats to fabulous food and extraordinary guides, I was delighted.” J.C., Texas

“From the time I stepped on the plane in New York the trip was magical. Julie Loar and Guardian Travel handled every detail, and I could relax and enjoy the experience.”   M. M., Arizona

“I was so impressed with Julie Loar’s Egypt tour I went back two more times.”   D.S., Maryland

“I am a seasoned traveler, and this tour was exceptionally well organized and a terrific value. I would gladly return.”    F.P., Virginia

“Julie Loar’s tour of Egypt with Guardian Travel was, as promised, the journey of a lifetime.”   C.N., Florida