Full Moon Talks

Join me each month in 2021 for a FREE 30-minute journey as we walk through the chart of the full moon each month on the evening of the full moon. I describe the astrological energies of the moon and sun and how they are impacting all of us on a global scale. We then enter a guided meditation that focuses intentions on radiating goodwill internally and externally by using the forces that are in play. This type of group interaction and concentrated intention is healing and empowering.

6 PM Mountain Time, 5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern Time

Donations are greatly appreciated

Apr 25             Taurus Full Moon

May 25            Gemini Full Moon

Jun  23             Cancer Full Moon

Jul  22               Leo Full Moon

Aug  21             Leo Full Moon

 Sep  19            Virgo Full Moon

Oct  10/20      Libra Full Moon

Nov 18              Scorpio Full Moon

Dec  12/20      Sagittarius Full Moon & Winter Solstice

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